Mechanik released in Russia

Mechanik Velut Stella Splendida has been released in Russia under the Russian Association of Independent Genres.

Check the music online on bandcamp.



Mechanik’s first vinyl on sale

Mechanik frist vinyl is sold online on its bandcamp website.

Strange Fish Vol II

The price includes the double vinyl album Strange Fish 2 + download of Mechanik’s traks + bonus track previously unreleased ‘Most People Were Silent’ (from forthcoming LP ‘Velut Stella Esplendida’ courtesy of RAIG Records) + P&P.

New performance: Fri 1st 2013

Next friday, february 1st, we’ll be playing in Madrid (sala La Faena II) with Sacramento and we would like you to come.Image
We offer 2 hours of music, live visuals, VERY fairly-priced beer and a good trip.
Take-off schedule for 21:00
Don’t miss it!If you’re not in Madrid or you can’t come, we’ll surely miss you. But you can keep listening to our music here: