Pure Data

A simple integration of Minia and PureData

I have created a little examlpe of how to integrate Minia with PureData.
Basically I have connected a 100K ohm potentiometer to the analog pin 1 this way:

Which in Fritzing‘s breadboard view corresponds to this:


Or, if you prefer a schematic view, it corresponds to this:



The sketch for Fritzing is available at my repository here.

Then I have created a little patch for PureData that shows the values on a number box and, after being scaled, to a VU meter.

The Simple Minia Viewer Patch

The Simple Minia Viewer Patch

Here you can download the PureData patch:


Merry christmas

This year I have been given as a present Minia, a controller that maps some digitalized analog inputs to a HID device.

My tiny Minia

My tiny Minia

The bad new is that there is very little documentation about it. I will try to post as much as I can on this blog about my discoveries.

In some preliminary tests I used the patch for Pure Data provided on the official website here. It uses the object called hidin (on Windows, on linux there’s a better object called hid, see this). I have just printed the values from the hidin object to check which pin was receiving what. With no real sensor connected to the pins the values were fluctuating, by connecting the pin to the ground the values were zeroed (not surprisingly).

This is all by now, I will do some more test and let you know..

BTW: happy xmas !!