Cats Toy: an Arduino based laser toy for cats

I have two cats: Morris and Aroma.

Morris and Aroma

Morris and Aroma

They are adorable most of the time but, being quite young still, they are also very active! They always want to play and beg you to take some toy and let them do all kinds of hunting (simulated of course).

One of the things they prefer playing with is laser. They simply get crazy with it.

So I thought, instead of standing up and holding the laser for hours to make them happy, would it be possible to make an automatic version of the game? Maybe with an Arduino and a couple of servo motors?

So that’s it:

The Arduino based laser cats toy

The Arduino based laser cats toy

I have used these servo motors and this laser. The software is hosted here. In order to make the laser go not completely random (so that it does not go on the walls or the ceiling) I have made a sort of “calibration” so that the laser stays in the edges of a sort of map.

Here’s a video of how it works.

The next step (which I am already working on): make it start/stop from the Internet !


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