Sequencing and VJing: Iannix, Duration and my OSC to MIDI converter

Hi there,

I have just discovered the existence of two great tools: Iannix and Duration.

They call themeselves timelines or sequencer, the idea behind both is the same: offering a tool for synchronizing and orchestrating programs for music and video through MIDI and OSC messages.

Iannix seems to be an advanced and complex instrument. As its website says:

IanniX is a graphical open-source sequencer, based on Iannis Xenakis works, for digital art. IanniX syncs via Open Sound Control (OSC) events and curves to your real-time environment.

A screenshot of Iannix

It allows building bidimensional and even tridimensional waveforms that can be used to ‘play’ a virtual instrument, i.e. an OSC or MIDI channel, mapped to whatever you want. You can create these forms manually or you can generate them synthetically through a scripting language.

Duration according to its website is:

a timeline for creative coding. Create live performances, interactive installations, and music visualizations by synchronously composing servos, lighting, and projection

A snapshot of Duration

It is a simpler version of Iannix, it hasn’t any scripting language and the interface is more reduced. Though more limited than Iannix, it has a very interesting feature: it can import mp3 tracks so that you can synchronize things with the music, while in Iannix you only have time as a reference.

So I decided to test Duration more carefully. One problem I have though is that Duration only sends OSC messages and no MIDI, so if I want to use it with Resolume 2.4 I need a OSC to MIDI conversion.

I have tried a couple of tools out there: Moco and Konkreet but I have to say that they did not work they way I expected.

So I decided to make a tool myself in Java, the OSC2MIDI, available for download at my code repository.
It is called OSC2MIDI and can be downloaded as a jar executable here.

OSC2MIDI interace


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