Discovering Minia


I am making some experiments with Minia and finding interesting things:

It is based on a ATmega8 microcontroller, this means that in principle it has 8 channels 10 bits ADC converters, 3 PWM channels, and other interesting features.
It comes with some pre-charged firmware, I am curious to know if I can find it somewhere (I will ask to its creator Servando Barreiro).

The pins are configured this way (starting from the top):

the first two ones are not used
the following 4 are digital inputs
the 7th is the ground
the 8th is the reference
the following 6 are analog inputs, converted to 10 bits

Minia board

Minia board

I have made a model of the board for Fritzing a nice prototype designing tool (I strongly suggest to give it a look).
The model can be found in the official Fritzing channel or in my code repository.

bye !


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