Arduino Midi controller project


for my VJing I use the Resolume software (, after trying many programs I’ve found out that it’s the most intuitive and powerful one for live video processing (at least for me !).

Cool, but as any live manipulating software it has a big limitation: you only have one mouse.
In order to allow a more direct interaction Resolume, as many more programs, can be controlled via MIDI.
Actually it allows you to map some parameters to effect channels on the MIDI interface.

Now you can buy a normal Midi controller form the market. They are usually thought to be used in music, so they present an interface that might be similar to a keyboard, or a mixer. It would be cool to have something more similar to the Resolume interface (or any other software). Actually people from resolume used to sell a midi device that was tight coupled to the program graphical interface, but as newer versions of the program changed that interface, the product was dismissed (a part that it was quite exepnsive).

As I’ve heard about Arduino ( from a friend I thought that maybe it would give me the possibilit to build up my own midi controller for Resolume.

So here it begins my approach to this electronics, I have a mission: building my own midi controller.

For doing that I will need two things:

  1. make the appropriate hardware
  2. write the code to send midi messages from the arduino board

Next posts will describe how I have reached this objective (if I manage to)…


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